It’s time to give back to the nature. Join the movement and help us save the BLUE.


We are looking for volunteers that can help us spreading the awareness about the global importance of sharks. Our team of shark volunteers varies from people taking care of social media helping us with graphics and videos , activists pushing the campaigns forward by collecting votes for further shark protection, environmental lawyers helping us preparing new campaigns and marine biologists working on a research on the toxicity of the shark meat.


The oceans, forests, jungles, and beaches are infested with plastic and other contaminants. Every single day around 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into the ocean. We organise beach and land clean-ups to help remove some of the garbage and prevent it from entering the ocean. Our events take place around the world. You can join one of the existing events or become our ambassador and start running events in your area.


The new generation of children is the hope for our oceans. We created presentations, games and stories which we share with kids in schools and children centres. With our interactive presentations we are trying to get kids closer to the ocean, help them build a positive relationship with the animals living in it and find understanding for the importance of it’s wealth. As a volunteer you will receive our study materials to help you run our education program in your area. 

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